Ever dream of being in a movie? Now here's your chance!

New movies will BE ADDED SOON, check back for more information!

Where 1000's of Fun loving, movie fans like you, from all over the country, can come to find out how to actually Be In A Movie -Celebrity Stars, Special Effects and all. And you never know what city the next film will take place in. The next could be yours!

Here are just a few of the movies we've handled in the past:

You're on the set. In the Film. While the film is being made. We get to invite you to be a Background Spectator, usually in an exciting crowd, stadium or action scene. The Celebrity Actors, Director, Producers, Cameramen, makeup artists, stunt men and special effects coordinators are all there with you.

  • Free Food and Snacks.
  • Be in Films with your favorite actors and actresses.
  • Free "How to Be A Paid Extra"book.
  • See how Films are really made.
  • Fundraising for groups attending.
  • Experience everything from "hurry up & wait" to edge-of-your-seat excitement and special effects.

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