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Vince Vaughn

Ben needs you
rooting for his team.
But is he Serious?
Donít think so!

(& Pole-Dancing Cheerleaders)

Dodgeball: the Movie!
YES! You are invited to be part of an action-filled scene
from the now-in-production 20th Century Fox film,

"You think it was rough when you were a kid?
Think again.

This is how the Big Boys play it!"

With All The Stars, Stunts and Film Fun You Can Handle.

The film's stars:

And they will be on the set with you
along with the Director, Actors, Extras, Cameramen,
Makeup Artists, Special Effects, Stunt Men,
and, of course, the pole-Dancing Cheerleaders!

Vince Vaughn 
He won't like you.
But then again,
who cares!

Vince Vaughn

In fact, we give away Plenty of Free Food, Free Parking
and a raffle for Great Free Prizes such as:

  • A pair of VIP tickets to the Red Carpet Premiere of film.
  • A walk-on part in the film!
  • $ Cash $
  • A Color TV each day.
  • A Sony PlayStation.
  • CD's, DVD's and Video's.
  • Autographed photos / Autographed Dodgeball from film.
  • Satellite Radio system with 1 year subscription.
  • Film Props.

Why? Because Hollywood needs people like you for this crazy Dodgeball scene
(and you need to appear in a movie, admit it! :)

photo copyright 2003 - Gary J. Wayne
Filming dates are:
October 24 to November 11
from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
(You get to pick one day to attend.)

You can only come to one or two days of filming,
as we can accommodate just the first 400 people each day.

We have FREE BUSES for groups of 40 or more,
with FUNDRAISING opportunities for non profit groups.

(For Group Information, Fundraising and Buses)

Well, remember those bad-old-days back in school when the bullies
would make everyone's life miserable? Remember those dodgeball games?
Well, this time the 'good guys' will have a chance to even things up with the jerks.

You'll be part of a crowd watching the big game between
Ben Stiller's team (the good guys) and Vince Vaughn's team (the bad guys).
You'll be rooting them on to victory (we hope), as the cameras roll.

(And don't forget to look for yourself upon the big screen once the movie is released.
You can tell all your friends"Hey, I was in that movie!")

These will be some Great, Action-Packed Comedy Dodgeball Scenes,
Against Some Totally Wacky Teams!

Enter a world of Heroes. Or will you join the misfits?
This is the loony, wacky, deranged, batty, lunatic, world of Dodge Ball!
Dodgeball is cool. You win if you're the last man standing.
Jump, clap, scream, join, decide, voteÖ

Be there, up close, to see Ben Stiller
execute the 5 D's of Dodgeball,
like a highly trained professional
"Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge!"

Here's Some Things People Will Say After We've Made This Movie With You! :

A David & Goliath Comedy - Truer than the Bible!

Ben Stiller serious? Not Likely!
Vince Vaughn a nice guy? Sure, Think Again.
Your average American Cheerleaders? No Way, Dude!

Remember the Bully when you were a kid?
He gets his in these scenes with you. 

Here's your chance to not just get mad, BUT to get Even! 
Cheer on the Good guys (we hope)

"See you on the Set!"

***PLEASE NOTE: Unlike the original 15th century version, sadly we will be using the regulation
red dodgeballs only and not the freshly severed heads they used in the old days.

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